What drives you?

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I completed a boot camp with the Concero crew in the Easter holidays, it was a great day of getting to know the team, and training – but in the introduction I asked a direct question of them – that I had asked myself after watching a tiktok late one night.

What drives you?

The reason for asking this, was I played the below clip I found – it’s a bit sweary – but it really stuck with me. I actually played it to the team at Lourdes IT, and then again in the boot camp.

I have no idea who this chap is, other then when searching for the video, he seems to be doing a lot of them. The message behind the video is clear, whatever drives me – won’t drive others I work with.

And that’s fine – but as a leader, I need to know what drives my team so I can ensure they are getting what they need back from the job they are in.

So I asked the question, what drives you. And had some good answers from the team, and hopefully raised the question for some of the younger team members about what it is they are focusing on when working. Ultimately, the point is – if everyone in the organisation is reaching their goal, then the organisation will reach theirs together.

When I first watched the clip it made me wonder what drives me. I actually watched it before leaving Lourdes IT, and it stuck with me, and is maybe one of the first times I questioned why I was working somewhere that at a certain level, didn’t share my vision, or understand what drove me.

I also played this famous clip from Good Will Hunting, with the late, great Robin Williams.

Because for me, it answers the question of why I do what I do. I enjoy it, I seize the day. And that makes me happy. And, really, you are not around that long to not be happy in something that enables everything else you want to do in life.

With the million and one reasons to be in a job, being in it because you enjoy it – is as good as reason as any. And I think it’s that enjoyment of it, that makes people good at what they do.

You can tell the people who feel the same about what they do. And I see that very often when working with those in the teaching profession, which I think I identify with. It’s not for the money, it’s because what they do makes a difference, and for all the trials and tribulations in both jobs – they/I enjoy it.

This doesn’t, of course, mean that everyday is enjoyable, that you don’t go home stressed or worried, probably the opposite – because you care, because you are invested, you probably worry more. You probably take failures and disappointments to heart and personally. I know I do.

As my role has developed over the years, different things excite me, but I still love watching people use tech I have made happen. You can’t beat it. I still love people be excited about possibilities and impact on something I, or my team, have enabled. I still feel proud when a safeguarding software picks up something. I still enjoy empowering users.

But I also still enjoy learning myself, and as my experience grows passing that on. I like the fact that the growth of teams like Lourdes IT, and now Concero allows people to grow with our hardwork, to reach the goals that drive them – a home, financial stability, a holiday, a nice car.

I am still learning what drives me, as I continue to develop professionally, and personally (perhaps, after my divorce doing things the wrong way around!) but I know enjoying what I do – is the reason why I do it.

That, and I really like milkshakes and food, and these cost money.

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