Let’s talk transformation

Published by Matt Setchell on

It’s one thing having a single teacher who has mastered tech and is a shining example in your school, but only when your entire staff are able to embrace and integrate technology to enhance learning experiences and empower their own work can we use the word transformational.

There are, of course, so many ways that technology can be transformational across individual roles. From automating regular tasks, utilising tools for assessment and making resources accessible to all.

To get to a place where this can be a reality – you have to follow similar methods when building a house.

Before you even begin to start building, buying materials or hiring workers you need to produce plans. You can get inspiration from those around, pick the best bits you like, and learn lessons from others.

You will still need to follow some rules, and these can be found in the DfE Standards – the equivalent to building regulations.

Once you have your plans, you can start with the foundations. Making sure that you not only plan for what you want, but allow future growth. In this case your infrastructure, the connectivity between devices and the outside world – ensuring you have the speed and resilience in place in your cabling, switching, WiFi and broadband. Remembering that final fix will likely cover CCTV, VOIP and door access controls ontop of data.

Now you have foundations, you can build a home that meets everyone’s needs. A kitchen that dazzles, a powerful shower, a bedroom with the storage you need . Your network should be the same, with the right devices and software that meet your needs and the room to redecorate when you fancy it with new technology.

And of course your house will need to be secure, and so when you are building it you put in the secure doors, locks and alarms that will keep your stuff safe. Building a network is exactly the same.

Once you have your house just the way you like it, everyone can live their best life. And once your network is perfect – you staff and students can now have all the tools and environments they need to allow tech to transform the way they learn and work.

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