Hello. My name is Matt.

I work in IT for Education, with over 15 years experience of doing my best to ensure that systems are reliable, lessons are engaging, work load is reduced, data is accessible to all, anytime, any device anywhere and everyone is kept safe and secure.

I post about a wide range of IT and Education related subjects with varying frequency depending on real life and such like.

This blog is for me to write my thoughts and opinions. All posts are therefore my opinion and not of my employers or anyone I work with/for.

Megan Townes

Immersive Reader has been a game changer for students with dyslexia and learning difficulties but it can benefit all students to help them read, comprehend and learn language. Check out the Microsoft Learn courses, guides, videos and resources at buff.ly/3mWEeOY pic.twitter.com/WymB…


My thoughts and musings.

New year, new job

This week saw me start my new role as Chief Technology Officer at Concero UK. After over 9 years with my previous employer the decision to move to a new role in a new company, Read more…

A summer of work

Traditionally the summer holidays is one of the busiest times of the year for education IT teams, not because we have users to support (although the numbers using technology and requiring support throughout the summer Read more…

A non rant.

In the last 14 years I’ve found something I enjoy. Something that changes everyday, that makes an impact and that allows me to enjoy the company of some exceptional individuals who have taught me so Read more…