About me

I have a passion for IT that works. I love helping students, staff and entire educational establishments realise the potential of IT in their organisation.

What I do

I have extensive experience running school networks of all shapes and sizes, I take a hands-on approach, knowing the technical infrastructure, the software and over the last few years understanding the management and teaching and learning aspects that we need to support.

I am a confident trainer and love helping people to expand their use of technology with solutions that make their lives easier.

I enjoy working with businesses and organisations to support them in learning more about the realities of IT Support in Education. I have worked closely with CoConnect, Smoothwall, Senso, ePraise, Scomis, DfE and the ANME.

Microsoft Accreditation

I am proud to have achieved MIE Expert Status and MIE Master Trainer level for 2020/21 – supporting schools in using these platforms is a hugely rewarding part of my role.

How I got here

At the age of 18, I started my career working on large corporate networks, working at a split site secondary school in Kidderminster I was instrumental in creating the split-site infrastructure, rationalising existing network infrastructure and putting effective support structures in place.

After 4 years, I moved to a promotion at another secondary school, where, on a tight budget, I maximised the potential of an ageing network and built a school-wide learning management system from scratch in house.

In 2012 I moved to St Bede’s Catholic Middle School – where I was Network Manager, working with a new headteacher we turned around a failing network installing some unique and exciting technology with a dramatic impact on teaching and learning and engaging staff and students with IT. During this time I started to consult for other schools, and took over their IT support, building a team that supported a wide range of schools.

In September 2017, we were taken out of the Middle School, and into the central team of the Multi Academy, St Bede’s had joined and rebranded Lourdes IT. 

I ran Lourdes IT for almost 5 years, going from 1 school to 50, and just myself to 22 staff at it’s peak.

I have also run my own IT Support business for home users, been a Governor, Chair of Governors and Director across different establishments.

In my ‘spare time, I am a single dad to two amazing children.