What is Mattian?

The name Mattian has been around since 1999. Since I was 10 I designed and messed around with websites. From a Simpsons homage site, to a community blogging website, to a full blown IT repair and consultancy and website design business, the website has been online for 18 years in one form or another.

The business, Mattian mainly wound down in 2012 when my daughter was born, however I still do some consultancy and private work for the right kind of people. At it’s peak, Mattian was the most well known and most used IT support company in the Wyre Forest and something I was very proud of.

Now, being a single dad, and quite a demanding full time job, this is a blog where I talk about Educational IT stuff, stuff that interests me or makes me rant. Sometimes both.

The name Mattian came from my first and middle names. It’s nothing special, but has stuck.