These three things should be mandatory for tech in schools

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Apologies for the click bait headline!

Over the last few months I’ve been busy settling into my new role at Concero. It’s been great to meet so many new schools, and being part of so many new conversations around delivering digital transformation for schools. Whether that be around hardware and software, or embedding the use of tech into classrooms.

A lot of my work is guiding trusts and schools as they embark on a journey to the cloud. Bringing together all platforms to work nicely, and ensuring that all systems can support the migration.

Obviously a big piece of the jigsaw is around cyber security. As part of the audit we complete for schools we evaluate their security.

The amount of schools still not implementing solutions to provide basic protection is alarming. So is the fact that many don’t protect, and don’t have backups in place either. Or don’t know what they are backing up.

So here are 3 things that should be mandatory in schools.

And by mandatory, I don’t mean highly recommended, as many of these are by the DFE or NCSC – I mean like Ofsted inspection failures.

1) MFA

Nice and simple this one. Implementation of MFA for all users above y6, including of course staff. Whilst implementing conditional access or the Google alternative for the school sites or devices is fine, anyone not on site or on a school device should have to use MFA

2) Demonstrable User Management

By this I mean, audits on accounts, across platforms, to ensure no legacy accounts or users remain on the system. Either automated via MIS link, or evidenced internal audits. For students and staff

3) Mandatory, directed training time for IT for all staff – and UK wide school accreditation for staffs skills

These days using tech effectively and safely is crucial. But too many schools still are trying to implement effective digital transformation without delivering sustainable training to staff. It’s bizarre that IT plays such an important role but skills are not demanded often of staff.

Of course …

Similar things have been tried before, and have worked to various degrees – but right now, in my experience – these 3 things would improve staff workload, staff retention and competency levels across Education.

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