New year, new job

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This week saw me start my new role as Chief Technology Officer at Concero UK. After over 9 years with my previous employer the decision to move to a new role in a new company, and my first ever fulltime role outside of schools and trusts, was a big jump. But I know the time was right, and surprisingly for someone who suffers with anxiety, not once have I ever questioned myself once the decision was made.

For lots of colleagues and those that follow me on social media, it was a shock in November when I announced that I was leaving and joining Concero. In fact, I even surprised myself by making a decision so firmly and quickly. However this felt right. Part of this, was because of some knowledge around what potentially could happen to Lourdes IT, and whether I wanted to be part of those changes. After building the team up, I didn’t want to be part of dismantling it and letting down those we supported. It’s important for me to make clear, the ongoing closure of Lourdes IT is not a result of me leaving. It was decided before I handed in my notice.

My passion is IT, my expertise is within the education sector. For me, when I decided to leave, it was important to find a company that shared the same values that I do. I was fortunate enough to be able to speak with many companies to find the right fit for me. And Concero was it, and after my first week, I can honestly say I made the right decision at the right time.

But why Concero? Well, it’s mainly because of Brad and James in the first instance. I first met Brad when he tried to sell me something, and I met James and Brad at BETT a few years ago. We had kept in touch since, because we worked in similar roles, and we would share frustrations from time to time about the world of IT Support. But, what was clear to me is these are people that I could identify with. Running a business that was shaped on their values, values I could believe in, and identify with.

When I spoke to Brad and James about wishing to move to a new role, I was on holiday in Lanzarote and had taken the time to make a decision to move when I found the right opportunity. I had time to make the choice as I wasn’t in a position where I had to leave my job.

It was clear to me that the timing was right for all involved. IT Support in general, but especially Edu-IT is going through such a huge change right now – I wanted to ensure where I went was aware of this, ready for it and embracing it. From our conversations – it was clear that this was the case.

Starting this week, I have been struck by the fantastic team ethos of Concero. The team want to make a difference, they want Concero to be a success, and they want to develop themselves. But most of all, they care about what they do and how they do it.

This week, working with both Brad and James, and Hayley – we have agreed the beginning of a new era for Concero to help us raise to the new era of Edu-tech. I am immensely proud to be the CTO, with all the responsibility that entails and I cannot wait for the future. I am determined to succeed and repay Brad and James’ faith in my appointment.

I am excited to share the work that I will be doing with you on this blog, and I am still very much on Twitter and LinkedIn to engage with the Edu communities that we serve on there.

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