Budgets, or the lack of…

Published by Matt Setchell on

For lots of schools budgets are being squeezed like never before.

IT expenditure, like all departments are being cut, in some cases obliterated and in some cases were never a lot to start with.

The thing is, you don’t have to spend all your budget on new kit, on new software to make IT work for your school.

First things first – rationalise that budget. Look at the whole picture. You will probably find there are many hidden costs to your IT expenditure – what websites do subjects buy a sub too without telling IT? Can they be combined into one platform offering multiple subjects at a cheaper whole school rate? Do purchases go via your network manager to check for cost, compatibility and whole school overview feedback?

What about departments buying hardware? Does it fit into your whole school plan? Did 5 classes or departments buy headphones last year? Why not buy a whole school set and place them on a booking system?

Spending on CPD just because the head of computing fancies finding out more? Have you asked your network manager for their view? Can then provide expertise or experience, or know a school that can cheaper then the CPD? 

Are staff even using what you have? Can you measure usage? Can you see impact on outcomes because of that spangly new kit? Have staff been trained? Was it relevant? Did you combine a technical overview and a t&l overview of benefit?

Did you buy kit according to a budget plan? Being ahead of the curve of failures reduce the spend on repairs – increase usage and means staff don’t loose faith in old kit. If someone has told you to replace but you still see the kit still working, don’t assume it’s fine. 

When you do buy kit – do you have suppliers who know you and your school? Do you know your schools needs? If you have no one onsite, do other schools? I have saved schools thousands by knowing the right suppliers.

Do you fall for sales pitches? Most educational software is crap. Most sales people know the words to use. 

Does it replicate something you already have? Does it integrate well? Does it force another username and password? Does it require Staff time to migrate data where another product imports existing data? How does it role out? Does another school need it? Can you combine and get a better price? 

Can you lease? Lots of schools I work with are having their eyes opened to flexible ways to buy kit and have it updated. Its not always the answer – but consider it.

Lastly – do you use your biggest IT cost? Your IT staff? Do you trust and involve them? You never know, they might have the answer you need.