Being in the cloud isn’t enough

Published by Matt Setchell on

For a while now in EdTech we have seen many tools move to the cloud, some claiming to have moved to the cloud (and are really just a cloud hosted version, not a SaaS) and anything with the word cloud in it has been welcomed as a bit of a game changer.

However, vendors can no longer rely on the benefits of being in the cloud to sell their products, and we are beginning to see schools look for those who are are actually thriving in the cloud with their own features.

This is true for many platforms, but one area is schools looking at their cloud MIS and after realising the ease of moving to an online MIS from a legacy local solution, not being afraid to look at the market for alternatives once their data is in the cloud.

Claims of easy access, no servers, lower cost, easier to update but same feature set are no longer the auto buy in they once were with early adopters.

Now we need to see innovation, constant development and integration between platforms so we can use cloud to its full potential.

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