A non rant.

Published by Matt Setchell on

In the last 14 years I’ve found something I enjoy.

Something that changes everyday, that makes an impact and that allows me to enjoy the company of some exceptional individuals who have taught me so much, and become life long friends

When I post around my concerns and frustrations, it’s to get a point heard. But sometimes it may seem like I don’t enjoy what I do. Which simply is not the case.

I am incredibly passionate about what I and my team do. About the impact we have, about the difference we make to the learning progress for students and the workload reduction and development for staff.

I like nothing more then walking down a corridor in a school we support and seeing everyone using technology our team has deployed.

Through the pandemic, the team managed to get thousands of devices out, each one making its difference in some way. It was exciting to use new technologies and methods and help others do the same.

With the busy summers, whilst it may be a bit bumpy, I know the hard work from my team has meant that many connected things have been able to happen as a result of what we have we done, the work of an IT team enables so much for staff and students.

When our support is busy, I still get a buzz from fixing an issue and saving the day. Knowing our team now do that hundreds of times a day is very cool

And finally, for all the management and HR workload, I am never prouder then seeing the amazing feedback my team deservedly get. Never happier then watching individuals grow and surprise themselves with their skills set.

I just thought it was important to balance the moan out. I still enjoy this job.

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