Variety is the spice of life

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I couldn’t do a role that meant I had to do the exact same thing in the exact same order day in day out. I’d get frustrated and bored. I like to find new ways of doing things, of enhancing and developing experiences and fine tuning as things evolve.

That’s probably why I’ve liked my job over the last few years – because no two days working in IT are the same.

Take this week, for example. On Monday and Tuesday I was onsite, helping my team get started on a primary school moving to the cloud, I’ve done it 7 times this summer – but it was a new school with new challenges.

I also got to share knowledge with a new starter, and someone I’ve worked with for years around networking. But I also learned from both of them, I learnt how to script an arduous task and I got learnt some new tricks from the new chap.

Whilst there, I also worked through configuring Printix, managed some DNS changes – liaised with a colleague on a hybrid migration using a platform I’ve never used.

On Wednesday I headed to another school, where I deployed more printix, but in a different scenario. I troubleshooted a network infrastructure and cabling issue, and tried (and failed) to get Sage working.

On Thursday I spent the day coding and designing a new website alongside a colleague – and it was great to bring together perspectives that have enhanced the outcomes.

Today I am off, but I did have to attend one meeting around introducing some new helpdesk features as well as supporting colleagues where possible as we move to the end of term.

I’ve also been writing a team handbook, listening and implementing feedback on processes and a number of other things I’ve forgotten already. And that’s all on a fairly busy, but standard week. Next week will be completely different, and so on.

Challenging? yes. Boring? never.

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