Hello. My name is Matt.

 I work in IT, in the Education sector in the UK. I have done since the day I left 6th form. 

Over the past 14 years, I have been a technician, senior technician, network manager and I am now an IT Service Lead, supporting over 40 schools, several trusts and a team of 18 at Lourdes IT, part of a Multi Academy, but supporting external schools.

I am a 2020/21 MIE Expert, and a MIE Master Trainer. I have delivered talks to the ANME and Smoothwall user groups, and I am a part of the Strategic Customer Partnership with Scomis.

This blog is for me to write my thoughts and opinions. All posts are therefore my opinion and not of my employers or anyone I work with/for.


My thoughts and musings.


I always enjoy reading the years in review for those people I follow online. I like the mix of professional and personal; and to see how they have got on – so I thought I Read more…

Time to Change

I suffer from Anxiety and Depression. I have done for some time now – a series of events including end of my marriage and other set backs has left me feeling things I never thought Read more…

Why Zoom is crap

I’ve been tweeting a lot last night and this morning especially about why Zoom is crap, and why I can’t understand those people or schools using it when they have GSuite and Office365 just sat Read more…

The week that was.

I still can’t believe, that in a matter of less then 2 weeks, schools have fully adopted Office365, devices have been bought and rolled out via Intune and azure, software has been purchased to increase Read more…