BETT 23 and a bit of reflection

Published by Matt Setchell on

As I sit here in the aftermath of the worlds biggest education technology show, after a full 3 day stint – you’d think I’d be fed up of talking about my job and my passion – but I always find the opposite is true.

There was a real buzz around the show this year, and for Concero in particular as we were nominated for a couple of awards.

But for me – the delight of the show continues to be meeting my peers, spending time outside of the routine with colleagues and little gems of progress in solutions.

A clear takeaway this year was from a session I attended in the arena – that the job of technology – in this time of recruitment shortages – is to amplify the good practice. This can be applied to teaching – enabling access to the many fantastic teachers and experiences available on a global scale.

But it can also be in my line of work – empowering IT teams to be part of a skills pool that helps them navigate the ever changing landscape.

It can also be in my team – amplifying the knowledge and experiences we call gain to provide improved outcomes and support for all our team and customers.

I also find it useful as a time to reflect on the past year. A year of huge change for me personally with my CTO role at Concero – the move from working within a MAC to corporate, albeit still supporting education.

If I was to sit here and say it’s been an easy year, I’d be lying. Whilst incredibly rewarding, it’s been tough. Learning a new role, in a fast developing company – proving myself and learning how others work – whilst they learn how I work.

Whilst we’ve been learning about each other, the business has kept going, expanding. People have left, joined, moved around. Schools have moved on, and new customers have joined us and we’ve rolled out new products, new technologies and completed over 25 whole school cloud migrations

So my reflection is this – it may have been a tough year, but it’s worth it. I’ve got to learn so much about myself, my colleagues, my industry that I hope I’m a better version of myself then I was a year ago.

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