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My name is Matt. I have never left school…

I have a passion for IT that works. I love helping people and businesses and educational establishments realise the potential of IT in their organisation.

Whether it is for specific projects or ongoing management, I have the skills and the experience to maximise your IT.

I am available to consult to organisations, individuals and educational establishments at very competitive rates. I have an extensive portfolio and high quality references.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me

At the age of 18 I started my career working on large corporate networks, working at a split site secondary school in Kidderminster I was instrumental in creating the split site infrastructure, rationalising existing network infrastructure and putting effective support structures in place.

After 4 years, I moved to a promotion at another secondary school, where, on a tight budget, I maximised the potential of an ageing network and built a school wide learning management system from scratch in house.

In 2012 I moved to my current post – managing the network of 7 schools and team of 6 staff who keep them running. I manage both the support team, all technical decisions at all schools, budgets, projects and the service delivery. We are actively looking to grow and support additional schools in the local area.

I have experience of a wide range of technologies, infrastructures and suppliers. I develop plans, manage projects and oversee the day to day support. The schools I manage are leading the way in ICT provision for staff and pupils, and I often consult to other schools in Worcestershire. We have exciting solutions including widespread tablet use, site wide biometrics, advanced remote working solutions, reliable and robust server, backup and CCTV infrastructure.

I am also a member of the senior management team and play an active strategic role in ensuring IT is developed to enable the best pupil outcomes.

In 2001 I launched my own ICT support business alongside my full-time role – where I had some 2000 clients, and a turnover of £30,000pa – creating websites, supporting businesses and individuals with their ICT, as well as repairing, procuring and upgrading home users.

I had numerous opportunities of extensive investment in me personally and my business and was mentored by Duane Jackson, a leading entrepreneur.

In my ‘spare’ time, I am a Chair of Governors of a local primary school, and a single dad to two amazing children.